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Why Choose Exagon?

Exagon has built a robust and secured technology and AML process to meet needs of financial institutions, active traders and other crypto trading professionals

Premium Services

First class service for financial institutions, qualified investors and active crypto traders.

Powerful API Services

Our FIX and REST trading APIs meet the needs of financial institutions and qualified crypto traders.

100% Protection

Your funds and cryptos currencies are fully guaranteed and protected days and nights.

Superior Customer Support

Dedicated customer support representatives available via telephone and email around-the-clock.

High Regulatory and Security Standards

Our Strict regulatory oversight and global AML/KYC compliance along with our 100% offline crypto cold storage ensure the security of your assets.

Exchange and OTC Trading with one Account

The only financial services company that allows customers to trade bitcoin on both a bitcoin exchange and OTC desk using one account.

Intuitive Charts

Exagon's Charts are intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors.
Whether to simply look up the latest stock price, or analyze price patterns - we’ve got you covered.

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